Two distinct times, two “presents” were observing each other, close to one another: the present of an exhibition space and that of a second place, the observation deck or walkway that overlooked the whole. The first one with its different spaces for potential activities, its “visitors”, and the second that allowed to structure in an open way the other one, to observe it, to sense and record it. (...) Seen from this observation platform, a possible scientific device equipped with a quantity of atmospheric and noise sensors, the present time of the exhibition space and its users seemed to be situated in a parallel temporality, in a different time under observation. Or was the platform actually an archeological device observing a kind of past? Were the activities that took place in this space already recorded events, which would be replayed in a long loop? The traces left by the comings and goings, those of the molecules of the exhibition and of the present moment had indeed been recorded, stored, and kept indefinitely on data servers, somewhere, in view of a utopian future, or past reconstitution. (...) 1234 minutes of recorded time 9012 measurements at probes 5678 data points 28 °C at probe 1 89 dB is the highest value at probe 3 12 Lm is the lowest value at probe 1 1234 data points accumulated at probes 123 5678 measurements at probe 1 9012 measurements at probe 2 3456 measurements at probe 3 Sonde E élevée Présence IR Probe 1 66 dB 90 Lm 90% 24 °C Medium On-air Noise Luminosity Humidity Temperature Presence Activity Sonde C 0.7 mg/m 0.7 mg/m 0.7 mg/m 60% 0.7 mg/m 25 °C Ethanol, CO Ozone CO 2 Humidité Pression atmos. Température Probe 3 60 dB 10 Lm 60% 25 °C Low Noise Luminosity Humidity Temperature Presence Probe 2 10 dB 500 Lm 35 % 26 °C Pending Noise Luminosity Humidity Temperature Activity 22:10:45 ••:••:•• The datacenter from the Platform of Future - Past project gathers all the data from the "present" that was recorded in the museum, apparently in 2022. These data, which were quickly made freely available following the experiment and in an unencrypted format, are still accessible HERE . You can download and use them. On this site, maintained since, the 3 months that lasted the experiment are replayed endlessly, in the form of data. Platform of Future - Past is a project by fabric | ch .